If you purchase a Montblanc writing instrument on our homepage at the same time, you can easily personalize the products approved for this purpose.

Engravings are only made in the precious resin cap of the respective writing instrument.

You should know the following details about the engraving service:

- 2 fonts to choose from (cursive and modern)

- maximum 12 characters and 1 line (including spaces)

- The engraving can be colorless or adapted to the clip color.

- The engraving is filled with color using a special engraving wax.

Depending on the orientation (left- or right-handed person), the engraving is applied to the left or right of the clip at an angle of 90 degrees.

Please note that the right of withdrawal expires if the writing instrument is personalized.

Please allow an extension of the delivery time of around 2-3 working days for the engraving.

Still questions?

The best way to answer questions is by telephone during business hours. We look forward to your call on +49 (0)7563 / 519 52 88